Open Positions


University: Télécom Paris / Institut Polytechnique de Paris
Location: Palaiseau (southern Paris)
Team:  DIG
Starting: September 2022

We are inviting applications for a Faculty position starting in September 2022. The candidate is expected to have deep knowledge, theoretical or practical, in one of the following fields:
• Natural Language Processing
• Knowledge representation
• Logic, reasoning
• Online learning
• Data exploration
• Cognitive modeling

For more details and application, see here.


University: INRIA Lille & Télécom Paris
Location: INRIA Lille
Team:  SPIRALS (INRIA Lille) and DIG (Télécom Paris)
Starting: January 2022

We are inviting applications for a PhD position (3 years) starting in January 2022 or earlier. The topic focuses on the theory of data management, specifically on ontology-mediated query answering (OMQA). The PhD will be supervised by Pierre Bourhis (SPIRALS, INRIA Lille) and co-supervised by Antoine Amarilli (DIG, Télécom Paris). The PhD will preferrably be preceded by a Master’s internship of 4-6 months. We are looking for a highly motivated student with a theoretical background in databases, logics, or knowledge representation and AI.

For more information, please see the thesis topic.


University: Télécom Paris
Location: Palaiseau (southern Paris), France
Team: DIG (Data, Intelligence, Graphs)
Starting: September 2020

We are inviting applications for 7 PhD, postdoc, and engineer positions in the frame of our NoRDF project, to work on Knowledge Representation, Information Extraction, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Bases, and Automated Reasoning. The PhD positions can be preceded by a 3-6 month internship. See here how to apply.